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This site is devoted to the world of collecting anything from farm plows to fine china.This is a co-op site and many of the items listed here you will find up at auction  from time to time at one of the many listed auctions links you will find throughout  this site. All item are for sale and at  any time you wish to purchase the particular piece that struck your fancy, please email us as to the availability as many are one of a kind items and if they have been sold may not have been removed from this site. We however will do our very best to remove the item from the site the same day it sells but sometimes things happen but will remove as soon as possible.  As I said this is a co-op and there are currently over a dozen individuals listing items with me for your surfing pleasure. So sit back and enjoy  the items within this site, and may they bring back fond memories of days gone by.
This is an all ivory necklace. This was made around the 1700's. There is a signature on the panda rear by the artisan, and is in probably Chinese. Even the spacer beads are of ivory. This is a real nice item and for those who collect Panda items this is the definitive item to add to your collection.
Circa 1700's Ivory Panda
A Piece of History
This is a shot glass from the  USS Baltimore. This is from when Queen Elizabeth was crowned the Queen of England in 1953. This is in vf plus to near mint. This would make a real nice addition to the military collector as well as to the alcohol misc. collector as well.  Price on this is  $25.00  
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                                                                       RICHARD RED HAWK
I am of Native American in origin, an Apache /Comanche mix born in Texas many years ago (believe me I am getting old this year will be older than dirt) and to throw a twist in I am also 1/4 Celtic and this influences my designs as the music of the pipes (flutes) and drums are prevalent in both of my ancestral backgrounds and the music helps me create the many works that I do.  Needless to say that some of my jewelry designs are not the conventional native style. 
I have traveled all over this country doing shows and seminars from the East coast to the West coast, I have done shows in almost 20 states in the past 30 years.  

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Here you will find many items ranging from the common every day things to the unique and rare. I have designed this as a co-op where there are usually a dozen individuals selling their wares, from plows to fine china and glass to diecast collectibles. If you don't see it within these different sites that make up this co-op please just ask and we will see if the item can be found. 
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