Grading and Return Policy

Grading is done by each individual seller that list items with us. It is the policy to let that grade stand  and at no time will  I grade another's product. When grading an item please understand that there are no micro or slab graded items listed in this site. Each of the items graded are done, like they have been graded since grading standards were introduced years ago. Micro or slab grading not withstanding carry grading too far. This method of grading used is to eliminate all mint items by their own standards and in reality nothing is never truly in a mint state. Once a human has touched an item it is no longer mint. With today's standards of quality control, items produced today can come close to perfection while those made say around 1970 cannot measure up to the quality control standards that exist today. This being said that a rookie card of Nolan Ryan will never grade out pristine mint, and if produced this year around 90 % of them would grade in the pristine mint state.
If you are looking for slab (microscope) graded please go elsewhere. We deal only in realistically graded collectibles here, and if you purchase an item and then want to have it slab graded by all means be my guest and do so, after all it is your do with as you please. If there is a question with the grading of an item you buy here please contact me and I will take the matter up with the seller of the item.  For the most part items will on the average be graded lower that the actual state of the item. The collectibles dealt with here range from a farm plow to fine china, and we have been in the collectible business for over 30 years and some of the seller that list with me have been in the field longer.
Remember collecting is a pleasure, a hobby,  and at no time is it work, so enjoy whatever it is you collect and hopefully we can be of service to you sometime.
If you have any questions please ask, just click on the email icon to send a message
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Our policy is to list items only one time on Ebay, Only one time on Yahoo, and then items will be listed on the following sites from there on out, or on one of the web sites, just check links page for other sites.

Auxpal (Bidville) under the name REDHAWK  they have no listing or selling fees at present.
Epier under the name richardredhawk no listing but has final value fee if item sells.
Ebay under the name of rredhawk  has listing and selling fees.
Yahoo under the name of richardredhawk has listing and selling fees.
Greenzap a web payment system
Paypal on all sites including the web sites
                 Note on Paypal payments 
The initial total must be 25.00 and this is not including shipping this is due to the excess fee they charge on the total bill which can be as much as 6% of the total and they include shipping in their charges, which then comes out of our pocket which means somewhere we have to pass along this loss.

There are other sites which will be listed later.
The reason being is the listing fees keep going up and this increases the cost of an item and this method will help keep down the cost of the item when it is listed.
Note all items are listed at the lowest possible price which is usually actual cost of an item so going any lower is not a possibility for a majority of the items. We normally do not use a reserve price on any item listed because opening bid is the rock bottom price on items that are listed.
This page was last updated on: June 27, 2016
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