Miscellaneous Soda Labels and Caps
Royal Canadian Beverage Labels and neck labels
Large Label measures 4"high by 5"wide
Small measure 4 1/2" wide and 1 3/8" high
Circa 1960’s
This is a insert for bottle carriers
2½” x 10”, cardboard, brags "No Cyclamate"
Lasko Birch Beer diecut style Label  2 1/4"h by 5" wide

Sequoia Club
Country Club Brand Sweet Cider
Happy Days Carbonated Water
Happy Days Golden Ginger Ale
This page deals with the soft drink,soda pop, soda, soda water, pop,  industry and the lables and various advertising they used.
Hires Root Beer Black Cow Bottle Hanger

10 1/2" tall  bottle hanger

how many of you remember doing this with your Root Beer

circa 1950's

nm to mint condition
Coach and Four Bitter Lemon Label
Above is the neck Label and below is the Main bottel label for
Califruit Orange Beverage
Above is the Neck label and bleow is the main bottle lable for
Cherry Blossoms Carbonates Beverage
All items on this page are in near mint to mint condition and if lables came with gum will have in unused condition

Bottle hangers will be unused as well

If in other sondition it will be noted in the write up on the item and state the condition  from
near mint