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Trading Cards, Wrappers and Boxes
Elvis from 1978 Boxcar Enterprises

Cards in stock are:
X-Men Holo

XH-1 Wolverine
XH-2 Cable
XH-3 Gambit
XH-4 Magneto
XH-5 X-Men
1947 Warner Bro.
Trading cards
Bazooka Joe Bubblegum Comics
                by Topps
Have some of the cardboard style gum comic available
Star Trek  1992 HOLO Card

Klingon Bird of Prey   01--H
Star Trek 1996 3D style card

LT Troi as a Romulan
Card # L8
           Goofy Series
Post Card style trading cards from the Topps Co.

These are some real nice unusual trading cards
1992 Jockey Guild Trading Cards

Distributed by HAC Marketing
and copyright 1992 by Horse Star Cards Inc. Buckner, KY
GI JOE trading cards from the popular TV Cartoon
San Diego Zoo Trading Cards
From the TV show are KOJAK trading cards
This is a unopened set of 15 cards dealing with the World War II propaganda that was so wide spread them.
Indian Gum Wrapper
Goudies Gum Co
Boston Mass
Archive Pic