Various Music sites of interest for Meditation or Native American Music as well as Celtic
This page is dedicated to various music that I like and will list here for you to enjoy.
This is the Music that I like and the artist listed are some of my favorites and I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do.
Artist: David Newby
over 300 various ambient and experimental songs as well as other styles click on link below his picture
Visit this artist website as he does a podcast and has some great Native American Stories and music
Please visit the guest map and sign in as this is a great way to meet new friends
MY artwork used by various Musicians
Arthur Kills Straight
This is my You Tube link
Here are some of my graphics works used by musician's as their cover art for their music CD.
If you have something you would like please let me know and I will see if I can design what you need for book, cd or just a wall hanging picture.