Dairy Advertising
Circa 1910 to 1930's

Circa 1910 to 1930's
Circa 1910 to 1930's
Evaporated Milk labels
Average length is 9 to 10 inches long
Here are 3 labels from evaporated milk the first one is from
the next one is Bess Milk and the third one is
Jersey Parlor Dairy
Vintage 1 5/8" diameter milk caps from the
circa 1930s

Here are various labels and lids/caps from different Dairy Products and most are near mint to mint unless noted otherwise.
    H. F. Morrill
milk bottle cap
circa 1950's

1 5/8" diameter +-
circa 1940's
1 5/8" diameter milk bottle caps
Industry Needs High School Graduates

1 1/2" diameter milk bottle caps
circa 1950's
Early Advertising for staying in school from the 1950's
These are from the World's
Fair in 1961 New York

The cap states copyright 1961 New Yourks World Fair  1964-1965 Corporation

This one is from the General Electric Pavilion

This one is from the Kodak Pavilion
Frates Dairy Co.
Milk Bottle Caps
Milk Bottle Caps
Paper Kilk Bottle Carrier 

circa 1950's

in nm to mint condition
13" tall and hold two quart milk bottles which totals 1/2 gallon of milk
Cowlitz Butter Boxes with Cows

unassembled box in nm to mint condition

circa 1940's

6 1/2" wide one pound butter box.

Hall Brothers Butter Boxes and the box states further that this was done in Montgomery Alabama
circa 1960's just after the zip codes started

unassembled  in nm to mint condition
Vintage 5" wide waxed butter boxes
Two K and R Countrymaid Lard Boxes

K and R Company in Hastings, Nebraska

5" wide one pound waxed lard boxes