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I strive to do what is natural as my ancestors would have made the item back in their time. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with care and with the individual that the piece will eventually end up with, who cherishing the item, in mind. Honesty and caring are most important in this life and I believe that no matter what, honesty and caring towards others and honoring the self as this is how we are seen in this life and living this we can only care about others around us and have more respect for the self as well.

The link above is to the World Standard Registry of Minerals Database and will take you to the picture section so that you can see the type of stone you are looking for. Now if the stone you are looking for is not listed then this is another name someone has give to a mineral, you might think of it as a nickname or an aka (also know as) and is not a recognized name in the world standard so yo will need to find the correct name as in this time people will often give something a new name just to sell their existing stock of a rock  or gemstone and the lure of a exotic name sells where the old fashion name seems dull and boring. So take heart you will have to hunt for the correct name.