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This is a laminated chart for quick reference and is just one of several.
The title of this one is:
How to Identify Parasites and their effects on you.
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These pages list a variety of my copyright and areas dealing in the Metaphysical and new age area.  There are Quick reference charts dealing with quarts crystal as well as other stones listed on them and a short about them on the chart. There is a chart to deal with parasites and another that will help you understand how to use and work with a pendulum. Books of synergy blended oils and other areas of aromatherapy. Also on the evolving chakra system. Jewelry dealing in the synenergy of stones and metals to help with the spiritual growth of an individual.
So feel free to browse and look ask questions and enjoy this site.
Scent is the most profound of our senses. It has the power to transform our emotions, and heal our bodies. It can take us to another place and time. Through the use of aromatherapy  and the various fragrances we can do wonders for our emotional/personal well being and at the same time can devastate one's emotional stability.
Self published book on the ever evolving Chakra system and it 's growth into the next evolution of spiritual growth.
Drumming tapes for your enjoyment to meditation and spiritual growth
ATHAMES copyrighted
The various areas listed on the Copyright page are not for sale unless they are in the merchandise areas of this site. These are just various aspects of things that I have done and still presently maintain my copyright by the postings here on this site.

This is a balance of patterns, stones and metal to create a harmonics within the jewelry that will work best with an individual, for their spiritual enlightenment and growth.
The use of sacred geometry and stones as well as the metal help draw energies from a wide variety of areas of the universe to create the effects much as a pendulum helps find things.
This jewelry will help both stabilize the individual and create harmony within your auric field.

To try is to enjoy.