Boars Head American Red Grape Wine label.
4 3/4" tall
Circa 1940
  Stanton's Giant IRTP Beer                   Label
Huge 5" square label. Went on a half gallon bottle! 
Circa 1941
Cook's 500 Ale from the Indy Race Track area

Vintage 4 1/2" wide beer label.
Circa 1950
Burgemeister Pilsener Beer
Beer Label 4" wide went on a 12 oz. bottle. Circa 1960s

  Royal Knight
Distilled Dry Gin
Vintage 3 1/4" tall Gin label.
Circa 1940's
Here you will find labels dealing with  Beer, Wine and Alcohol (Spirits) from around the world and unless noted most will be in near mint to mint state with or without the adhesive.
These vintage lables depict the era they were first intorduced to simple graphics to a theme such as the indy 500 and there is even one showing someone who looks like John "The Duke" Wayne
      Kentucky Nectar Whiskey Label
Vintage 1930s
4 1/2" tall
Duke Beer Lable  also known as  John Wayne Beer which is an unlicensed connection to the Duke.
4" wide labels went on a 32 oz
circa 1960's
from C. Schmidt & Sons brewery in Philadelphia, PA.
and not to be confused with the other Beer called Duke's which came from the Horlacher Brewing Co. in Allentown, PA